Submission of deposit

Submission of deposit



Public Institution Rural Business and Market Development Agency (hereinafter – Agency) informs that the cash deposit should be transferred to the National Paying Agency’s under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter – NPA) AB Šiauliai bank account No. LT75 7180 3000 0034 5113, bank code 71803.

Companies that submit deposit in cash, are asked to take into consideration the fact, that the bank account has changed, deposits transferred to a wrong bank account may affect the time for the issue of licences.

In order to reduce administrative burden and to simplify the procedure that must be followed submitting guarantee insurance letters to the Agency, as well as to waiver paper documents, an opportunity is given to the applicants to avoid bank/insurance company’s contacting in order to take out the guarantee insurance letter. The guarantee insurance letter from the bank/insurance company will be sent electronically, directly to the Agency. The possibility to provide guarantee insurance letters in paper form remains.

Agreements regarding the submission of guarantee insurance letters electronically are concluded with SEB, SWEDBANK, Šiauliai bank, DNB, BTA Insurance Company, ERGO Insurance SE, Lithuanian Insurance, Gjensidige.

If you decide to obtain a guarantee insurance letter, which would be sent to the Agency electronically, we suggest you to contact the bank/insurance company at least two working days before submitting your application so that the Agency will receive information on the issued guarantee insurance letter on time and there would be no inexpedient processes of applications rejection.

Types of deposit:

  • Cash. The required amount is transferred to the NPA AB Šiaulių bank account No LT75 7180 3000 0034 5113, bank code 71803.
  • Bank cheque.
  • Guarantee insurance letter (must be valid for at least 37 months after it’s submission to the Agency). 




The Guarantor shall provide the guarantee letter for the following obligations of the Debtor (Applicant) to the Agency: the obligations under the European Union legislation, related to the export of agricultural and food products from the European Union or import to the European Union or through the participation in tenders for obtaining import tariff quotas or export compensations.

Entities entitled to issue guarantee insurance letters:


Submission of deposit:

Cash – should be transferred to the NPA until the submission of an application (i.e. cash should already be transferred to the NPA by 13.00 hours Brussels time on the day the application is received).  

Bank cheque and guarantee insurance letter should be submitted together with the application by 13.00 hours Brussels time on the day the application is received. Electronic versions of bank cheques or guarantee insurance letters should be sent by e-mail:



Cash should be transferred to the NPA bank account using the following recommended purpose of payment: "The deposit for the obligations foreseen in the EU legislation (hereinafter – the EU), concerning the agricultural and food products export from the EU or import to the EU".

Documents are accepted at Universiteto st. 8A-203, Akademija, LT-53341, Kaunas district

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