About us

Public Institution Rural Business and Markets Development Agency is a non-profit, limited civil liability public entity, acting in the fields of markets regulation for agricultural and food products, foreign trade and provision of methodological assistance to economic operators.

The purpose of the establishment activities is to satisfy public interests, to implement the policy measures for the regulation and organization of agriculture and food products market, to promote export, to administrate export/import measures, to control and monitor unfair buying and selling of raw milk by raw milk sellers and raw milk buyers, to coordinate vocational training of agricultural and rural development participants, and to create and implement national heritage product marketing.

Activity Areas of the establishment:

  • Implements measures for promotion of agricultural and food export.
  • Administrates the system of export and import licences for agricultural products and the import tariff quotas for agricultural products.
  • Administrates the regulation of the agricultural and food market financed by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund.
  • Administrates information on agricultural and food products and sales promotion measures.
  • Organizes the implementation of short food, mixed food and non-food supply chains, consults and provides methodological assistance to producer groups and cooperative companies (cooperatives).
  • Participates in the implementation of education programs in the field of agriculture and food, rural development and fisheries.
  • Organizes and conducts qualification development of agricultural and rural development participants.
  • Accredits advisory bodies and consultants.
  • Promotes national heritage products, traditional crafts, and participates in the processes associated with the certification of national heritage products, traditional craft training programs, traditional fairs, as well as traditional craft masters.
  • Implements the rights and duties of a control institution.